untitled #346

francisco lópez

isothermic bag + audio CD + 20-page booklet
16×22 cm
limited edition of 300


Music by francisco lópez
Text by Salomé Voegelin
Introduction by Leandro Pisano
Design by Francesco D’Abbraccio and Andrea Facchetti
Release curated by Vernalis (Enrico Coniglio, Nicola Di Croce, Leandro Pisano) and Krisis Publishing

“untitled #346” is a sound work by francisco lópez and a text by Salomé Voegelin. Both work and text ask: how much sound can push us towards the limits of what we consider as listening? How sound art pushes us to investigate the threshold that separates the audible from the imagined, constructing sound worlds in which memory gathers in the imperceptible of matter?
In this single, long track, lópez guides the audience’s hearing process through a labyrinth of unpredictable trajectories, directing them towards the recovery of a creative dimension of the act of listening, towards the redefinitionof the perceptive act as a form of real(re)construction, swinging along the ridge of the surface of silence.

The poetic reinterpretation of Voegelin takes us into the sound spaces of lópez’s composition, in which the noises, like acoustic simulacra, sink and re-emerge as tv rivers of a sound that is constantly reborn from itself, until it slowly turns off, in the stasis cyclical of a panic darkness.