Digital release + 12” Vinyl LP
13 tracks – 33 minutes

Recorded, Produced and Mixed by LOREM
Drums, vocal, re-amps recorded at Monolith Studio
Drum fills and live drums recordings by Michele Marelli
Mastered at Tapewave Studio
Distributed by Cargo Records UK Press


Out on April 26th


Time Coils is a sonic odyssey delving into the liminal strata of emotion at the threshold between human consciousness and artificial intelligence. Strong, emotional resonance persists and is conveyed by the juxtaposition of synthetic-styled rap and live instrumental recordings – guitars, acoustic drums, percussion – against Lorem’s signature digital stutters. Lorem’s work frequently centers on the concept of hypercollage, with a resulting mediascape that feels simultaneously archetypal and ultra-modern, as it does signature; stationed in a peculiar liminal space out of linear time. Time Coils is a viscous, auditory swamp of forms where disparate epochs and geographies converge.

Time Coils, in its most distilled understanding, is born from an endless process of resampling, recomposition, and of learning. The album is imbued with global cultural correspondence and reimagined connections sourced from a wide range of references, inviting the listener on an engaging quest to uncover hidden meaning and secret datasets.

The album is a reflection on the essence of intertextuality, and nudges us towards a transpersonal approach where identity is no longer anchored in originality, but is rather shaped by the myriad of relationships forged with the world around us. The richness of Time Coils can also be credited in part to several of Lorem’s longtime collaborators: Manchester-based producer Acre [Tectonics, PAN] and Italian sound artist and researcher Luca Pagan.