Krisis | Identities


20×25 cm
uncoated paper
wire binding with no cover
192 pages
italian and english
ISBN 9788890533709

Krisis | Identities, the first volume of Krisis Magazine, is devoted to the emergency of identity and its representation; a complex issue which has been approached focusing on specific but related topics: the crisis of the identity of a territory, the cultural standardization, the flattening of the linguistic identity, the problem of how to represent the complexity of the identity. Today the crisis of identity means the crisis of the same idea of identity which from a perceptive and experiential process becomes more and more an everlasting ambition (a dream or hope) destined to remain unsatisfied.

With contributions by Alvvino, Joerg Bader and Collective_fact, Mike Bertino, Emanuela Bonini Lessing, Brave New Alps and Dario Massimo, Valentina Ciarapica, Vincenzo D’Abbraccio, Nicolò De Giorgis, Experimental Jetset, Giulia Filippi, Stewart Home, Emanuele Kabu, Luca Luisa, Metahaven, Sosaku Myiazaki, Jeremy Naklè, Unità di Crisi, Jonmar Van Vljimen, Wu Ming, Evert Ypma.




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