Between earth and sky

Marco Facchetti

Preface by Gideon Spanjar

16×24 cm
coated paper
84 pages
italian and english

Between earth and sky is a cartographic collection, an imaginary atlas composed by a sequence of maps generated through the dialog between the artist and the surface of a territory. Signs of natural processes recorded on paper – raindrops, insects passing through, long exposition to the sun light – become the first layer upon which Marco Facchetti operates in order to present a different and deeper understanding about the geography of a place. These maps are an exploration of the geographical traces from the ongoing conversation between earth and sky, and the interaction of natural elements.

Through deep observations during many field trips within the Brescia district, in the Pre-Alps and in Bologna, Marco Facchetti captured important signs of hidden life which are able to emerge and show their changing nature. Leaving a blank sheet on a meadow surface or under a tree canopy, the artist is able to enter the expanded time which characterizes those places, and to record the processes and the interactions which occur amongst the elements. Every variation is engraved on paper: the weather dynamics, the vegetation evolution through the seasons, the transition of different biological organisms. From this point on the intervention takes place through the signs rearrangement and their movement towards new worlds which are filtered by the eyes of the cartographer and the artist. This is how a new narrative comes to life, considering the plots impressed on paper and the personal experience of the author, and transforming the signs of natural processes into imaginary and phantasmagorical geographies. The emerging cartography is the result of the interaction between the layers which are shaped by natural processes and the cartographer multi-sensory experience on the field. With Between earth and sky Marco Facchetti shows us a lens for reading this experience and treasure the elements humans are dependent on.